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Limited Warranty - Terms and Conditions for ATTURO Tyres




This limited warranty applies to the original purchaser of any new ATTURO tire manufactured by our authorized factories bearing Department of Transportation prescribed tire identification numbers and produced after September 1, 2009. Eligible Tyres shall be used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed. This waranty applies to newly purchased Tyres only.


What is Covered


Should any tire covered by this limited warranty become unusable due to a workmanship or material related condition during its useable original tread life (2/32” remaining tread across the width of the tire) or within three years of purchase, ATTURO will replace the tire with a new one of similar model on a pro-rated basis. Applicable taxes on the new tire and cost of mounting, balancing and any freight charges and any other charges in connection with the replacement of the tire are required to be paid by the owner.


What is Not Covered


This limited warranty does not apply to Tyres which are being serviced under the following conditions:


Willful Abuse / Collision / Wreck / Fire

Continued use while flat or severe under/over inflation.

Road Hazards of any type

Commercial use of any type

Conditions resulting from, without limitation: improper mounting/demounting, under inflation, improper tire size, mechanical defect in vehicle including misalignment, abuse, and misapplication.

Ride disturbance complaints after the first 2/32” tread wear.

With less than 2/32” remaining tread depth evenly worn across the tread

With the serial number cut or buffed.

Overloading of the tire beyond rated load index

Racing, drifting & off road use

Tyres 5 years or older from the date of manufacture. Proof of purchase is required.

Sidewall cracking after 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Loss of time or use, inconvenience or any incidental or consequential damage.

Owner’s Responsibilities


In order to be eligible for ATTURO’s limited warranty program, the owner must observe the following: Present the tire to an authorized dealer. Submit or present a copy of the original purchase receipt. Complete and sign a proof of claim statement. If the tire owner abuses the tire by failing to observe safety warning or to maintain proper inflation pressure, vehicle alignment and tire rotation, expected tire performance and life may not be achieved and your safety cannot be ensured.

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